Zwei (Hugo Stingrail)
Zwei 2
Name Zwei (Hugo Stingrail)
Kanji ツヴァイ
Rōmanji Zwei
Gender Male
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour Red
Personal Status
Status Alive in the game, dead in the anime
Professional Status
Occupation Member of Logos
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 6
Seiyu Yoshihisa Kawahara

English voice actor: Adam Gibbs

Zwei is the german word for two. He is an aide to Aria Rosenburg and a member of Logos.


Zwei fights with a scythe and likes to eat his opponents' souls. Mahiro calls him "death-god".


Zwei's real rival is Mahiro. He wants to defeat Mahiro to eat his soul, because - so he says - his soul is full of despair and sadness. 

Zwei always does what Drei says. So Zwei betrays the "Holy Monado", above all in the 2nd season.