Yuuichi Komura
Name Yuuichi Komura
Kanji 狐邑祐一
Rōmanji Komura Yuuichi
Gender Male
Age 18
Eye Colour Amber
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
House Shugogo
Occupation Tamaki's Guardian
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyu Daisuke Namikawa

English voice actor: David Matranga

Komura Yuuichi is an upperclassman of Tamaki and another of the five Guardians. Of descendent Yuichi Is of The nine- tailed fox of the and using the the the the illusions Specializes in the spirit and fire.


He is very quiet and can be emotionless. He spaces out a lot and has the ability to sleep anywhere at anytime. He is shown to be the kindest of the five guardians. He also has a liking of animals and gets along well with Tamaki's Osaki-fox, 'O-chan'. He spends most of his time in the school library with O-chan perched on his shoulder.


  • Spirit Fire - Yuuichi can shoot blue spirit fire out of the palms of his hands, which ignites its targets. He can shoot hundreds of them at once.