The Destruction of the Five Houses
Season 2, Episode 4
S2E4 Mountain God
Air date October 21, 2012
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The Traitor's Vow
The Truth Behind the Tears

Overview Edit

Mahiro confronts Shinji, who runs away from the pressure. The rest of the group goes to check the Onikirimaru and questions the reawakening of the sword. Meanwhile, Aria tells Drei that she will not act until she hears from headquarters, but Drei decides to have Oomi show them where the sword is hidden. Yuuichi comes to the conclusion that Oomi wants to steal back the Artifacts, and has thus infiltrated Logos. Yuuichi and Mahiro feel the barrier around Onikirimaru being disturbed, and go to investigate. There they confront Oomi in battle.

== Synopsis == *