Tamayori Princess
Episode Information
Season 1
Episode 1
Kanji 玉衣の姫
Rōmanji Tamayori no Hime
Air date April 1, 2012
Episode Guide
A Step of Determination

Overview Edit

Tamayori Princess is the first episode of Hiiro no Kakera.



Kamaki using her power for the first time

While going to see her grandmother, Tamaki Kasuga is attacked by some drowned gods but is saved by Takuma Onizaki, who gets her to use her powers for the first time. After that, they go to the shrine and meet her grandmother, Baba-sama, who reveals Tamaki's identity to her. She tries
Hiiro no Kakera fox

Kamaki's Osaki fox

to ask her mother what to do, but her mother, not knowing what was going on, couldn't give an answer. After that, she meets her Osaki fox, which was soon named as 'O-chan' and it follows her
Yuuichi and Fox

Yuuichi and the Osaki fox

everywhere, as her companion. At school, she meets Mahiro Atori, who is got upset about people mistaking him for a elementary school kid, who then takes his anger out on Takuma. Tamaki then goes to the library, where she meets her fourth guardian, Yuuichi Komura, who her Osaki fox seems to like.

The antagonists set their plan in motion

Later that evening, she meets her final guardian Suguru Oomi. Everyone starts to interact with each other as they begin their friendships. At the end of the episode, the antagonists make their debut as they think about what to do next.

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