Suguru Oomi
Hiiro no Kakera - 01 - Large 28
Name Suguru Oomi
Kanji 大蛇卓
Rōmanji Oomi Suguru
Gender Male
Age 25
Hair Colour Mossy Green
Eye Colour Amber
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
House Shugogo
Occupation Tamaki's Guardian
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyu Daisuke Hirakawa

English voice actor: Illich Guardiola

Suguru Oomi is the unofficial leader of the guardians and the descendent of the giant snake. The tactician of the group. He can create powerful seals and barriers. He also controls water.


He is very polite and reliable. He is usually seen smiling & loves tea and teaches calligraphy. It was revealed that his mother died as a sacrifice to seal the onikirimaru, which Suguru still remembers.

History Edit

Suguru seemingly betrays the guardians and Tamaki in season two, his reason for doing so as he stated was that he believed that Logos had the right idea when it came to what should be done with the Onikirimaru. Later it was revealed that he joined Logos so that he could get the five artifacts back, originally belonging to the Tamayori princess.

While snooping around Logos' hideout he encounters Vier a woman (later revealed to be a homunculus) who resembles mother and eventually comes to learn that she was created by Drei and fashioned in his mothers image.