Ryou Kutani
Hiiro no Kakera - 10 - Large Preview 02
Name Ryou Kutani
Kanji 狗谷遼
Rōmanji Kutani Ryou
Gender Male
Age 18
Hair Colour Green
Eye Colour Red
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Tamaki's guardian
First Appearance
Seiyu Kazunori Nomiya

English voice actor: Leraldo Anzaldua

Moody and a loner, Ryou often wanders around looking for information. He is opinionated and somewhat arrogant, usuallydorgas eliciting angry, resentful or cynical responses.

He has shoulder length green hair and red eyes, giving an rather inhuman appearance He is quite tall, taller than most of the other guardians

Although his existance was hidden by his mother as a child, he is the true inukai guardian. His place as a guardian was originally taken by Shinji, however when he reveals his identity, he is soon accepted into the guardians.


He is hinted to have wolf-related powers together an over developed sense of smell. When he gains his full powers along with the other guardians, he grows the ears and tail of a wolf, as well as red markings around his yellow eyes and on his cheeks.


Differences between Anime & GameEdit


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