Mahiro Atori
Name Mahiro Atori
Kanji 鴉取真弘
Rōmanji Atori Mahiro
Gender Male
Age 18
Hair Colour Violet
Eye Colour Green (Golden in awakening)
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
House Shugogo
Occupation Tamaki's Guardian
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyu Kousuke Okano

English voice actor: Greg Ayres

Mahiro Atori is an upperclassman and one of the five guardians. Mahiro is the descendent of a crow and can control the wind.

Personality Edit

He is very shy when it comes to his height, because it makes people think that he is in elementary school. He is very loud, energetic, and immature. He also usually takes his anger out on Takuma (and mostly this happens because Tamaki says something that upsets him); for example, he took out his anger on Takuma when Tamaki said something that upset him, saying that he doesn't hit girls. Despite being outwardly upbeat, he can show a serious and deep side. He loves motorcycles and fried noodle rolls. It also appears that he is left-handed: he writes with his left hand and eats with his left hand, while others use their right hand. He also seems to have feelings for Tamaki, since he seemed sad when he realized that Takuma was the only one that could make her sincerely smile when she was worried.


Being the descendant of a crow, he has the control over the wind and can make powerful gusts of it at his command.

  • Gittora - when he activates this power, a cyclone of strong wind attacks to the victim, sending them spinning into a tornado. This power is shown to be able to destroy a group of drowned gods rather quickly.